Our Lady Of Sorrow Kasur

Our Lady of Sorrows’ Parish Kasur..!

Kausr City
Kasur (Punjabi and Urdu: قصُور‬‎) is a city located to south of Lahore, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The city serves as the headquarters of Kasur District, and is located near the border with neighbouring India. Founded by Pashtun migrants in 1525, Kasur is now the 20th most populous city of Pakistan, and is renowned as the burial place of the legendary 17th century Sufi-poet Bulleh Shah.
Physical features
The district is bounded by the Ravi River in the north-west and river Sutlej in the south-east. Whereas the old course of Beas River bifurcates the district into two equal parts locally known as Hither and Uthar or Mithan Majh. Both of the areas have a height differential of approximately 5.5 meters. The natural surface elevation of the district is 198 meters above the sea level, having a general slope from north-east to south- west. Whereas the east and west ends of the district comprise the flood plains of the rivers Satluj and Ravi, characterized by breaching of looping river Channels braided around meander bars. Kasur district is attached with Lahore from east, attached with Nankana Sahib from north, attached with Faisalabad from west and attached with Okara and India from south.
Kasur Parish
Kasur parish is one of the oldest parishes of the Archdiocese of Lahore. The Christian community living in Kasur is simple, devoted Catholics very strong in their faith. The founder of the parish was Fr Jerome a Capuchin Priest. Late Bishop Andrew Francis also worked there numbers of years ago. Fr Benjamin Joseph a senior priest from Archdiocese of Lahore served for maximum years as compare to others. The others renowned priests who worked there are Fr Inayet Bernard, Fr Emmanual Asi , Yaqoob Barket and Georage Daniel. Kasur parish consists of 8 stations which are Latif Pure, Khara, Salamat pura, Raja Jung, Nazampura, Sheikh Amd, Daukay, Baheminia Wala, Hari Har etc. There are eight catechist involved in ministry to look after the spiritual needs of lay faithful.
Oblate presence in Kasur
It was in April 2007 when the Oblates took over this parish from the diocesan priests Fr. Yaqoob Barkat, Emmanuel Asi and Mushtaq Piyara. Fr Pervaiz Raza was the first Oblate parish priest in Kasur with the two other oblate pioneers Fr Atta, and Fr. Cecil Paul. After them number of other brothers and priests served also rendered their selfless services in the parish were Fr Bashart OMI, Fr Gasper OMI and Fr. Akmal, Fr. Amir. Presently Fr Nadeem Rafique OMI is the parish priest and Fr Waqas Raza OMI is the assistant and the third priest with them is Fr Qaisar OMI a newly ordained young Oblate.