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Oblate Philosophate Yohannabad, Lahore


Sep to Dec, 2018


The Oblate Philosophate is situated in Yohannabad Lahore Pakistan is a second house of formation for the Oblate students those promoted from their first house of formation the Oblate Juniorate, situated in southern Punjab in the city called Multan.  This second phase of formation is purely based on philosophical studies for those who decide to become future Oblate Priests or Brothers.  This House of Formation particularly known as the (Oblate Pahilosophate Yohannabad) erected in late 1997 under the supervision of the Delegation Superior then Late Fr. Shelton Pereyar OMI and his councilor Fr. Inayat Gill OMI. Yohannabad is one of the largest Christian localities started in 1970 by two Capuchin priests namely late Fr. Hennery OFM Cap and Late Fr. Emeric OFM Cap. Since its completion number of Directors and students had been part of this house.

  1. History of the Oblate Philosophate

By the end of 1996 the number of students in the Oblate Juniorate Multan was getting increased, so a need for a new formation house was felt very strongly. The Oblates then saw a dream to build an Oblate Philosophate in order to meet the urgent most need for the philosophical studies of their students. To give a concrete reality to that dream Late Fr. Lusion Schmitt OMI the provincial German Province, a great benefactor for all times to the delegation of Pakistan step in to help and donate handsome amount of money to purchase a big portion of land for the construction of the Oblate Philosophate in Yohannabad,  Lahore.

The 2 hector land was bought under the guidance; of Late Fr. Shelton Pereyar OMI the delegation superior then, with the kind collaboration of Fr. Inayat Gill OMI his assistant fulfilling  all the necessary requirements to register the land on the name of the Oblates in Pakistan. It took about one year to build this new house of formation which would later be known as Oblate Philosophate. This 2 hector piece of land is comprised of two big houses the first known as the Oblate Philosophate a formation house and the second little further down house is known as “De Mazenod House or Superior’s House” where the Delegation superior with his bursar resides and sit in their offices.

The first badge commenced its formation in 1997 in this house was from different parts of Pakistan, at present they all are ordained priests. Among them are (Fr. Cecil Paul OMI, the present Director to the Oblate Philosophate, Fr. Maqsood Nazir OMI, Fr. Atta Sultan OMI, Fr. Mukhtar Alam OMI) they were all under the kind and gentle care of their first Director Rev. Fr. J.J. Edward OMI. At present Fr. J. J Edward OMI is the permanent professor at the National Major Seminary known as St. Francis Xavier that provides with the Philosophical studies to the students here in Pakistan.

  1. Oblate Philosophers

 “Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and philosophy begins in wonder.” Plato Philosophers are commonly called “thinkers,” but really, that is not an adequate definition of a philosopher. A philosopher looks at the world in wonder. He seeks the underlying meaning of things; he wants to understand it and codify it into a system of thought. If he succeeds in this task, he often feels compelled to share his system with the world, even knowing it is likely futile. This is because he loves the world, despite the difficulty it has given him. Similarly the Oblate Philosophers too always searching for the ultimate reality and truth lays hidden within the entire universe. Searching for the wisdom and knowledge is the primary task of the Oblate School of thought here in Oblate Philosophate.

2.1. Knowledge of some philosophical traditions

 The Oblate Philsosophers are analytic in their approach, using language is full of assumptions that philosophers can try to confirm or get rid of the false perception. Likewise our philosophers use their knowledge, wisdom and understanding to get filmier with the basic traditions, customs, systems and precepts of this house to live in accordance with them.

2.2. Writing/or teaching

The philosopher needs to transmit the knowledge and information he is focused on. The ancient philosophers formed groups of followers known as ‘schools’. Then some of them exerted influence via books, later by their position in universities. Similarly the Oblate School of thought displays and practices its ideas, theories, knowledge and information through meaningful writings, plays dramas and debates etc.

Contrary to popular belief, we the Oblate Philosophers do not need anything besides this burning desire to understand things and to connect ourselves with them. Our daily classes on philosophical ideas, terms, and hypothesis reading books and writing tutorials help us to discover inner being within us which  sharpen our thinking as more or less of a philosopher.

The Oblate Philosophers are the people who live in a deep contemplative mood, discovering themselves within, playing with the words, discovering and inventing new ideas, hypothesis, and philosophies of their present modern age is included in our daily observances. All this is accomplished through long hours of meditation, studies, reflection, reading and writing assignments etc. 

  1. Daily timetable

Oblate Philosophate, yohannabad

Daily Time Table






Lectio Davina (Lauds)

Morning prayer 6:00am
Holy mass 6:30am
Classes 8:00am


Midday Prayer 12:30pm
Lunch 12:45pm
Siesta 1:30pm
Tea 3:00pm
Manual Labuor 3:15pm
Games 4:15pm
Studies 5:30pm


Evening Prayer 7:00pm


Night Prayer 9:00pm
Study    9:30pm -10:30pm
Lights Off 11:00pm

Holiday Time Table


Saturdays & Sundays or on Holidays

Rising would be late half hour 6:00am


Morning prayer





Holy Mass





Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it. Therefore time is the Best Teacher..!

  1. Monthly Time table





Monthly Programs






Every Friday Evening Holy Hour


6:00pm to 7:00pm




First Saturday Movie Night


8:30pm to 10:00pm




Second Sunday Outing: after Lunch


2:00pm to 9:00pm




Third Saturday Orientation to Oblate Way of life: By some Oblate Priests or Deacon or Brother


6:00pm to 7:00pm




Last Saturday Entertainment Show


8:30pm to 9:30pm




Every Thursday Choir Practice


6:00pm to 7:00pm




Last Thursday of the Month:

       a: Pastoral Work Evaluation:

       b: House Meeting



6:00pm to 7:00pm




Every Saturday Faith Sharing:

         (Bible Sharing 7 steps)


6:30pm to 7:30pm




             Recollection Time

                 Last Friday

Begins with the night prayers, ends with Holy Mass 11:00am followed by Lunch


Friday Night

9:00pm to 11:00am

                   Saturday Next Day




Personal Meeting with the Students

Last full week of the month after night prayers; Kindly get an appointment beforehand; mark your calendar..!



9:30pm to 10:30pm


  1. Formation & Studies

The Oblate Missionary formation is a lifelong process, of Initial and Ongoing formation. Since its foundation, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate have been convinced that the future of the mission can only be assured by well-formed Oblates, who gradually become imbued with the spirit of the Charism of the Congregation. This is why formation, whether initial or ongoing, holds a central place in the life and mission of the Oblates here in Pakistan. It is an integral formation in accordance with the Oblate Charism, which takes into account the human, spiritual, intellectual and missionary/ pastoral aspects.

We both the formatters (Fr. Sajjad Manzoor OMI & Fr. Cecil Paul OMI) trying our level best to inculcate and influence the Oblate values, spirit, wisdom and knowledge in our Students. Therefore we have introduced different topics related to Oblate Mission/Pastoral life into our monthly program in order to form them a better human, person, and candidates for the Oblate Mission in Pakistan and around the world.

5.1 Library

In order to increase the intellectual knowledge and comprehension the Oblate students are also allowed to use Oblate Philosophate Library within the house, to spend their time in reading and writing their research papers etc. However this library needs to be upgraded, on urgent basis which requires some funds. Moreover the students also visit St. Francis Xavier Library and other religious house i.e. Dominicans, Capuchins, and Franciscan. We are also trying to get accesses to the E-library with the help of some benefactors in Rome let us see how it works.

5.2 Internet

It is quite evident that we are passing through the world of innovative, technologies and inventions. Through internet the fast medium of communication are modern day’s tools. Therefore it is highly recommend by the National Philosophical Major Seminary St. Francis Xavier to use latest E-books, articles as well as journals, available on Wikipedia and other reliable websites and resources for their research papers etc.

Hence, we the Oblate Community also allow our students to use internet over a desktop a common community system to produce some good quality and authentic research paper. To help our students to use internet the PTCL Broad Band connection has been fixed that can only be used during their studies hours.

  1. Oblate Spirituality

Kneeling before the cross on Good Friday in 1807 St. Eugene de Mazenod, the founder of the Oblates, experienced something that changed his life. On that day Eugene became profoundly aware of his own sinfulness and at the same time, of the deep Mercy of God.  This powerful experience would lead him to commit his life to Jesus Christ and to share the good news of the Gospel so that others might have the chance to encounter this same transforming love of God. Eugene chose priesthood as the vehicle for his ministry, and it was the forgotten people of Southern France, the Eugene directed his energies. He would reject a comfortable diocesan position and become a priest of the poor. He went on to work in the rural areas, with labourers, prisoners, and young people. However the focus of the Oblate Philosophate is entirely based on this same experience of St. Eugene our founder and master. Our students go and visit those places where none of the Diocesan priest is ready to go or to serve the lost sheep of scattered heard of the Lord. In short the focal point of the Oblate Spirituality here in Pakistan particularly within the Obalte Philosophate is to promote the Marian devotion through rosary, holy hour, retreats, confessions, seminars, talks, exposures to different Marian shrine within the country.

  • Spiritual Guidance

The primary focus of this integral formation is to provide spiritual nourishment through various channel namely community and personal prayers, day of recollection and retreats, Holy Hour, Rosary, Confessions, Novena Prayers, Parish Mass, personal spiritual guidance according to their wishes, are the few main components of our living together under the same roof. In addition to that once a month an orientation program is held to the Oblate way of life, a talk is given by some experienced oblate.

  • Prayer & Community life

Oblate religious /missionary life is based on personal and community prayers without this exercise one cannot stand straighten in line with religious life of priesthood and brotherhood. According to the Charism of the Founder the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate are bond to live a community life that contains, prayer, meals, games, exercising ministry together in common.  The Oblate Philosophate community also stresses over these above mentioned values. All these elements are full of life, guidance, wisdom, and knowledge to understand one another.

          6.3  Pastoral Exposure

From Monday to Friday our boys are engaged in their Philosophical formation and studies in the National Major Seminary St. Francis Xavier Yohannabad, Lahore. Besides their intellectual formation our boys also have daily spiritual exercises as mentioned above in the timetable. We also expose our students to various other houses where they experience the wounded reality around them in the shape of elders, orphans, widows, disable, and mentally retarded etc. So on every Saturday our students go to different houses mentioned here below to give their free services, and thereby gain some good life experiences for themselves.

Pastoral Exposure

Karishma House

Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret,

Mondri Chowk Yohanabad

Bro. Kashif Bro. Ashbeel
Supervisor, Fr. Sajjad Manzoor OMI

Old Age House

Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary Yohanabad

Bro. Adeel Qaisir Bro. Sulaman
Supervisor, Fr. Sajjad Manzoor OMI

Home for the Destitute

Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Gull Burg II

Bro. Touqeer Bro. Joel Bro. Fahid Waris
Br. Arshad Bro. Fiaz Fr. Cecil Paul OMI


  1. Manual Labour/ Sports/ Music

The oblate philosophate community emphasizes over manual labour within the house or outdoors in the gardens. In order to create fun, interest, and a healthy competition among the students game time is fixed every evening after the house jobs; Cricket, Basketball, and Badminton are the main sports that our boys like most. Besides the outdoor games we too have some indoor games i.e. Luddo, Cards, and Carmboard etc. Recently we bought some musical instruments like guitar, violin, and some flutes etc. Once a week choir practice have developed a great interest and confidence within our students which was seen by all on the Ordination ceremony on Oct 23rd, 2018 in the Cathedral.

  1. Urgent necessities

Since the number of the students is getting increased year after year so we need to upgrade few items of our house namely 10 new desktop computer systems, with 1 good printer, scanner, and photocopier in addition to that we also need a multimedia for class presentation and for various other activities within our house. The harmonium which is 20 years old now need to be replaced by new Electric Keyboard. We also need to upgrade our Library on urgent basis for that we are looking for some funds. The house vehicle is quite Old now that requires lots of maintenance every now and then, we suggest that it should be sold and could be bought new but big one.

  1. Pictorial view

Vicar General Most Rev. Fr. Paolo Archiati OMI, visited the Oblate Philosophate community on Oct 15th, 2018 evening, which was a memorable outstanding experience we all had. He gave talk on a “Grand View about Oblate World” at present. He also had the opportunity to plant a Cheko Tree in the Oblate Philosophate Garden as well as to bless the newly constructed Blessed Jozef Cebula Pond accompanied by the newly ordained priests on Oct 23rd, 2018 on their Ordination day.


I have been assigned as a new formator and director in the Oblate Philosophate from Sep 2018 with an assistant young newly ordained priest Fr. Sajjad Manzoor OMI. After having served for past two months in this house of formation my observations and assessments have been articulated above. However I would say that the gifts and talents we both have, will certainly be inculcated within our students the future Oblates as professors, missionaries and pastors.


Director Oblate Philosophate Yohannabad



Rev. Fr. Cecil Paul OMI

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